Wine Etiquette

December 19, 2018




First things first; the question everyone asks... How much wine should you really pour into the glass?  Well typically the perfect serving size or amount is just below the halfway mark of the glass. This is because it allows the wine to breathe as well as making it possible for you to tilt the glass to admire the wine's colour, and to swirl the wine which releases the aromas.



Secondly; the size of glass to use. Typically, red wine glasses will be taller and have a larger bowl compared to glasses used for drinking white wine. Reds are generally the bolder wines, so they require a larger glass to allow all of the aromas and flavours to emerge.


Most of us will make the guilty mistake of thinking that your wine needs to be served at room temperature , but really red wine is surprisingly best served cool.  Place it in your fridge an hour before serving and taste a new experience compared to the room temperature wine you were once drinking. 


Now we come to the precise way you should hold your glass and why it is important .


Always hold your glass (or flute), by the stem. Holding it by the “bowl” warms the wine which affects the taste. Instead of holding the bowl, pinch the stem between your index finger and thumb.



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