The health benefits of Prosecco

 As proud Italians, wine consumption is part of our daily living and plays an important role at our tables as part of a balanced diet and a symbol of welcoming and togetherness. It is in this context that Prosecco really shines as it plays host to various special occasions, friends and family gatherings or simply as an aperitif. Prosecco has been produced and consumed for many centuries in Italy, gaining well-deserved market space over the last few decades. Italy’s efforts to promote this Italian icon has shed light on its importance not only as a key product to enhance an occasion’s prestige, but also evidence has shown that moderate Prosecco consumption can have health benefits.



There are studies that suggest that Prosecco could help boost cognitive functions that may lead to delay in the development of degenerative brain disorders.

Research from The University of Reading has shown that drinking one or two glasses of bubbly a week may counteract the memory loss associated with ageing.

 In 2009 another study in Canada showed that all wines, including sparklers like Prosecco, can lower the risk of contracting diabetes by 13%.

However, they do warn that people who already have diabetes should take care when drinking alcohol.


 The reasons Prosecco demonstrates some health benefits, is the fact that it is rich in antioxidants which are present in its flavonoids – colour pigmentation present in fruits and vegetables.

 Remember, the key to consuming wine in a manner that does not undermine your health, is to follow the guidelines. Also,  consult your doctor if you have any questions regarding your health condition

and alcohol consumption.


Enjoy a chilled glass of Prosecco on your own or surrounded by friends and Family.

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