Organic Wines - The Future of wine?

April 18, 2018



A few months ago we wrote about the Organic Wines and their growing trend in the wine industry. In response to this trend, is expanding its organic wine range. Organic wines are no longer an experiment! It is full blown production from wine makers with years of experience in the wine making who decided to produce wines in a way that is considered to be in better tune with the environment and consumer lifestyle choices.

 Organic wines by definition are wines produced from grapes grown in vineyards without chemicals pesticides or fertilizers, and by using a minimum intervention to produce a wine as close as possible to nature and earth. Organic wines have a reduced exposure to sulphites and extra bioflavonoids, and its production apply methods which better support wildlife and soil health which in turn, preserve the vineyard longevity.


 The consumption and demand for this wine is growing and evidence of that is clear in our supermarket shelves, at wine events such as Vinitaly 2018 and wine shops across the globe. The global awareness of environment and health issues associated with the use of chemicals in food production is leading the trend of increased organic wine consumption. Millennials are responsible consumers who enjoy finding out the origins of the products they consume therefore steering their wine experiences to the organic type.


In 2016, Spain, Italy and France represented 73% of the total global organic vineyards with a combined 255.000 hectares.

 According to between 2014 and 2017 the organic and biodynamic wines consumption increased by nearly 80%. Experts predict a steady growth in this trend with some countries such as New Zealand aiming to have 20% of their vineyards organic certified by 2020.

 In the UK, value sales of organic wines were up 22% in the year to December 31 2017, compared with less than 3% growth in non-organic for the same period (Nielsen Scantrack).

 According to the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture’s (RIOA) 2017 report, 24% of global vineyards are in phase of conversion to organic wine production which will set the growing trend for years to come.

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