January Blues? Have Wine

January 3, 2018

Ok so it’s January. Back to work. Emails to clear, storms to endure, train tickets raise and you probably made a new year’s resolution which means that you will be eating less of the things you like and put your body through some pain. On the top of that you feel that you drunk too much over the holiday season and you are also giving up wine. Right?

 Whilst most of it applies to you and indeed there should some degree of reality and self-control in one’s life, we do not believe in complete abstinence and self-deprivation. You only die once, right?


  Remember that any alcohol beverage should be drank in moderation and in line with the health professional’s guidelines. Wine is no different. While we cannot make any health claims regarding alcohol consumption, we do not ignore the research that indicates that wine consumed in moderation and as part of a heathy diet can aid health.

Centuries ago, wine was used to treat various health conditions. Medieval monasteries were convinced that their monks lived longer than the rest of the population partly because of their moderate, regular consumption of wine.


 Red wine is rich in Resveratrol – a substance found in red wine due to its red grapes. According to medicalnewstoday.com it may boost heart health and protect against cancer. Resveratol is also found in red berries, so consuming these may be a better option than drinking wine. Red wine is rich in antioxidants that my aid the slow down of the aging process.  There is also some research that indicates that procyanidins, compounds commonly found in red wine, may aid the blood vessels health which contributes to healthy blood pressure. Seek medical advice If in doubt about how the consumption of wine may affect your health.



So, while we cannot deal with your workload, or any of the realities of life, at least we hope to bring you a bit of joy in the fact that when it comes the weekend, you can enjoy a glass of wine with family and friends and make January and life a little bit easier to endure. That’s why we sell wine!

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