Easy way to Describe your favourite wine


 Describing your favourite wine goes well beyond describing its type – Red, White, Rosé, sparkling- It can be as complex as describing a wine as graphite or barnyard flavoured or as simple as describing it as dry, sweet, full body, tannins and obvious flavours as oak.


 So to make it easy for you, these are easy quick ways how you can describe your favourite wine:


Sweetness. More obvious in some due to the degree of sweetness. Sweet wine is The opposite of dry, but can also be medium-dry or off-dry. A wine is considered sweet when it contains between 10 – 220gr of sugar per litre.

These are the common label terms that will help identify the wines Sweetness.

From dry to sweet: Brut Nature, Extra Brut, Brut, Extra Dry/Extra Sec/Extra Seco, Dry/Sec/Seco, Demi-Sec/Semi-seco and Doux/Sweet/Dulce.


Acidity.  Acidity is white wines main characteristics, and it makes them refreshing and crisp or “sour” if overwhelming. Lower acidity makes a wine taste “flat.”


Tannin. It’s all about the tannins for red wine. High tannin wines are astringent, maybe even bitter, and inky. Lower tannin wines are smooth and soft, and depending on your tastes, more drinkable.


Body. This refers to the perceived “weight” and viscosity of the wine. A full-bodied wine feels thick, coating the sides of the glass as you swirl. A light-bodied wine is almost like water. A medium-bodied wine is in-between.


Flavours. Here keep it simple and focus on the common and usually easier to identify flavours such as oaky, fruity, earthy, spicy, smoky, or flowery.  Not sure which is which, and you are not in the position to go to wine tasting lessons? Visit a wine store and simply ask for some contrasting bottles of wine. For example, Buy a Full-bodied wine and a Light- Bodied wine or an oaky wine and Fruity one.


 Self-teaching as never been so much fun as when you are teaching yourself about wine!

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