The right wine temperature


With the weather warming up, we thought it would be a good idea to polish up on the wine temperatures knowledge. 


What is the right  temperature for wine? 


Conventional knowledge says that Red wine should be served at room temperature and White wine  chilled, right? Well yes if your room is at the ideal temperature for that particular wine. Confused?


 Well imagine you get this particular wine, say Roja, which is best served around 16°C. You serve it in the summer for lunch and you kept the wine in the kitchen, here the temperature could be above 20°C. Still at room temperature right? Just not the right temperature for this wine!


 What about the Italian Gragnano Sorrentina DOC. It is a Red wine however due to its sugar content, it is better served at around 8°C. Unless your room was left wide open in the middle of winter, this red wine needs to be kept in the fridge or wine chiller. If you don't have a wine chiller, a thermometer will guide you to achieve the optimal results when keeping the wine in the fridge.


The right temperature is as important as any other factor that determines and qualifies a wine characteristics.

Some mine producers even keep the wine buried in the ground in purpose made vessels near the vineyards as to keep the wine at the same temperature as the vine roots themselves.


As we do not expect you to bury your wine in the garden, below you will find a table Published by WineWare that is a perfect and simple temperature guide for most common wines.







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