Surprise 6 T+ C’s

​Surprise Me With Six is a promotion whereby we will send you a case of hand-picked wines. The wines will be chosen by our sommelier and will not be known to you until you receive delivery.

General terms conditions.

  1. A case of wine contains six bottles. The choice of combination of wines can only be selected from the options available.

  2. The cost of the Surprise 6 case, regardless of the choice/combination of wines is £50.00 plus delivery.

  3. Some of the wines might not be available online as they are normally exclusive to particular restaurants. These are only available with this promotion.

  4. Please refer to our standard terms and conditions for delivery and refund policy.


The offer is primarily aimed at people who wish to try Italian wines for the first time or possibly discover new wines they haven't previously tasted.
If you are unhappy with the selection or wish to exchange any of the wines we send please follow the guidelines in our standard terms and conditions. A BOTTLE CAN ONLY BE EXCHANGED IF IT HAS NOT BEEN OPENED.

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